How to Find Towel Warmer Reviews


There are two types of towel warmers available in the market today.  The first one is the electric towel warmer which is a self-contained unit or a device that operates on its own without using your home heating system.  It contains low-watt and electric-powered elements within its towel rail.  The hydronic towel warmer is the next time and should be connected to either a radiant heating or hot water plumbing system.  In this type, hot water goes through the towel bars which heats the towels evenly and consistently.

These two types of towel warmers are both very efficient and does not waste much energy.  These towel warmers come in different style, designs, and prices.  These economical tower warmers come in many beautiful designs and styles.  You can even find one, which features an auto shut-off timer and thermostats that are coming out nowadays for those who are energy conscious people.

Aside from its power source, the location of the outlet is another feature of these best towel warmers.  There are floor-mounted plug-in models that are ideal if you have a spacious home.  If you bathroom lacks floor space then it is ideal to get a wall mounted towel warmer.

Why is it important to consider this is you have a new home or a new remodeled one?

After taking a shower is it not really good to use a cold towel.  Cold towels have the rough feeling against the skin.  With a towel warmer, however, you can get that spa-like feeling.  Because your robes and towels are fresh and soft, it feels good on your skin.

Bathrooms are usually cold when you enter but with a towel spa towel warmer, not only your towels are warmed but the whole bathroom as well.  You will not need bathroom heating because your towel warmer can serve a dual purpose.  So you save on bathroom space and money.

There are other benefits of using these towel drying such as drying delicate garments like underwear or swimwear.  You no longer have to place them in the dryer or out in the sun.  You can simply hang them on your towel warmer and wait for them to dry without ruining their fabric.  You can also install your towel warmer around your house.  You can install them in your mudroom or laundry room aside from your bathroom  and bedroom.  You can use them to dry your gloves and coats faster.  This is also a good way of preventing bacteria growth which thrives in environment which is moist.  With this you can prevent the spread on bacteria not only in the bathroom but throughout your entire house.  There will no longer be any mildew smell and it will keep your home cozy and bacteria free.


Towel Warmer Reviews and Guidelines


Grabbing that towel warmer after you’re done with your shower is definitely a good feeling. When you just had a cold bath, nothing would please you more than having a warm towel to wipe yourself with. This is a great and relaxing feeling that you’d surely want to experience again. If you have been skeptical about how great the feeling of wiping yourself with a warm and comfortable towel can be then you just need to wait to be proven wrong. It would not be a surprise if you ended up purchasing a towel warmer for your own bathroom after reading this.

There is a reason why a warmrails freestanding towel warmer towel warmer has to be used to wipe the remaining water from the shower or bath from your body as it will help take away all the chills and the cold that tends to overwhelm you after. You will surely feel relaxed as you change into your clothes for the day. So what are you waiting for, go buy that towel warmer you’ve been waiting to get your hands on, right away!

This may be a new venture for you but there are awesome tips on purchasing the right towel warmer. The obvious first step would be to take a look online for the many options which you might have on these products. Make sure to read the feedbacks of those who have been buying these items in the past. You can make better decisions on which models to buy when you have these details to rely on.

You will surely be able to view spa towel warmer cabinet reviews all over the internet. You have to explore certain company websites that are known for selling these types of products. You want to be happy with your results right? In order to achieve this goal, however little it may be, you have to go through these important guidelines as much as possible. These warmers have an essential function in your life that you have to fully take advantage of as much as possible. Your family would suddenly enjoy taking a bath because they would be able to experience wiping off with a warm towel.

There are plenty of websites that would show you the different shapes and sizes of towel warmer products. Make sure that everything your purchase works for your home, including this one. The installation of these products would be among the factors which you have to consider when buying them. When you have all these things under control, all you have to do is wait until everything is set up. You need to make sure that towels are warm when you use them because it would make the showering and bathing experience so much more ideal; you would finally be excited to take a bath for once and feel the refreshing experience a warm towel can give you.

Enjoyable Benefits of a Towel Warmer


Towel warmers are known as just another luxury item in the bathroom but now, they are as important as anything a bathroom should have. Almost all people today make sure to have some towel warmers in their bathrooms. Some people thinks that if your bathroom have no towel warmers, your bathroom is inadequate. But what makes these towel warmers important? These towel warmers actually have a lot of various benefits if they are present in a bathroom. For example, you can keep your clothes and towel warm and dry.

Some treacherous bacteria and germs will be present in a towel if it has been kept wet for a long period of time. So, if you don’t want to be infected by these germs, you have to keep your towels clean and dry at all times. Having a good quality towel warmer in your bathroom is the best way to accomplish this.

But, you have to keep in mind that you should never install a towel rail with a bad quality in your bathroom. It will be difficult for you to choose the best towel warmer for your bathroom, now that there are a lot of different warmers available in the market today. Depending on the buyers needs and wants, the buyer is given with a lot of various styles and sizes of these towel warmers. So, you should choose a towel warmer that matches with the things you need because it is important. It is truly a fact that choosing a towel warmer is not an easy task most especially if you haven’t done any yet. However, do not worry because there are some tips that can be of help for you to find the towel warmers that is suitable for you.

Considering how to power your warmrails kensington towel warmer in your bathroom is also an important task. These warmers are made differently so they are also powered differently. For instance, some models are electric and are plugged in to the GFCI outlets or the ground fault circuit interrupters. Some models also connect in the bathroom’s source of power and may be used as a part of furnace system and this models are called hydronic models. These kinds of models are easy and effective to use. But, these models are costly and require abundant amount of money. it is better to choose a towel warmer that is powered by the same  power source you have.

You should keep in mind that you should buy the towel warmer reviews that have a switch button to help you control its uses that you can turn it off if not in use. With a towel warmer that has no switch button, your electric bill will definitely increase significantly in not time. You should also consider to buy a towel warmer that match your bathroom’s design. Also take into your consideration when buying a towel warmer that you should choose the ones with properly fitted bars.

Tips When Buying Towel Warmers


Asking yourself questions like which model will fit my budget either designer or economical model, what’s the difference between hydronic and electric models, the benefits of going with plug-in or hardwired installation, should you go for sleek lines or more eccentric, artistic design or a simple one is enough, what type of finish will complement existing decoration and so forth is important before you finalize which towel warmer to buy.

Market of today has created broad range of prices. Whether seeking for a moderately priced unit or an absolute design sophistication, these warmers will fit for almost any budget. On the other hand, you should know that warmers vary in its price which depends on size, installation type and style. As what mentioned earlier, there are several ways on how you can install a warmer and potential budget considerations for such units may require a professional installation.

There are many manufacturers that offer budget friendly line of warmers which can be purchased for a modest price of 300 dollars but if you want to go better than that, there are first-class and more impressive units that come in designer finishes that might exceed 4000 dollars or even more. So the first step to be considered when buying a towel warmer is to consider your budget.

The hydronic and electric models are the two major types of warmers and these said units are very efficient. The electric towel warmers normally have low energy consumption rates and most consume the same power as standard light bulbs. The electric models for  warmrails towel warmer and drying rack have one of two kinds of low wattage elements and some make use of dry element while others are using an element in order to heat mineral oil in the unit.

Electrical spa hot towel warmer can be bought either plug-in or hardwired. Latter units must be integrated into the electrical system of the building while the plug-in models simply need to be plugged in like other appliances you have.

For the hydronic models, it is only using your hot water plumbing to produce heat by running hot water through the warmer. This can be carried out in two ways, one is by connecting to a specific hydronic heating system or to a hot water system of your home. Most of the time, hydronic towel warmers can’t just be the most energy efficient method but can be the hardest to install if not included throughout the construction of the house or complete remodeling project.

But towel warmers of today are incorporating various safety features such as automatic shut off and thermostats capabilities, which make it safer to use.

Things to Look For In a Towel Warmer



An amazing fact to highlight is that a towel warmer is a device that imitates the design of a towel rack but the difference is that it heats up the towel to make it dry faster in way that lowers the chances of the towel producing mildew. It is important to note that a towel warmer is designed in a way that ensures that when the user steps out of the shower, they can get a warm towel that keeps them warm even in cold weather. The truth is that there are many reviews on towel warmers in the market and a client can easily get lost in the brand names such that they do not know how to select the right towel warmer but by following certain guidelines, a customer can get a good towel warmer.


The truth is that when it comes to getting a towel warmer one of the things to consider is whether the towel warmer is an electric or hydronic one. An incredible fact to state is that electronic towel warmers have a lower consumption of power so much that they use the same amount of power like a normal light bulb and some of these warmers come mounted with low wattage elements whereas some come with an element that can be used to heat mineral oil within the spa luxe towel warmer unit. These models are available in hardwired or plug in modes and the client may need to integrate hardwired units into the electrical system of the home and they many even opt to go for large units that can provide warmth for large rooms that will suit their needs.


An incredible fact to highlight is that hydronic towel warmer reviews best on the other hand depend on the hot water plumbing system to produce heat and this can be done by connecting the unit to the water heater system of the home or to a unique hydronic heating system. Hydronic systems are easy to install and cost efficient thus are ideal for clients that want to keep heating costs low and they are fitted with features like thermostats and other devices that can automatically shut off the heat when it becomes too much.


The other issue to look into is mounting because the easiest units to install are plug in models because they have an installation system that just needs to be plugged into an outlet just like any household appliance and some are portable and can be carried around with ease. Most of the towel warmers are easy to install but it is advisable to seek the services of a licensed electrician or plumber that qualifies to install the towel warmer as per the instructions of the manufacturer and are covered by the warranty in case anything does go wrong.